Sunday, March 1, 2009

Turn left at Morning Star Mine Rd.

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This my friends, is What I am Talking About. 
I just got to say - google - brings travel planning to a whole other level. I just love it. You see, I just want to drive. I want to drive in the hot desert and  stop whenever we feel like it. I want to take high contrast black and white photos. I want the road to look like this. Our original destinations was to head south to San Diego along the coast and then over to  Tuscon and Phoenix. but once i took a look at the roads - which turned out to be interstates and suburban multi-lane hellscapes, the route quickly changed. Death Valley, Mojave, and the Grand Canyon are calling now. Some of the roads aren't even paved. 
That Is What I am Talking About. 
Anyhay, I have much to do before said trip next Saturday, including catching up on my chores, watching Spartacus with the Wren and  traveling-light-like-Clint Eastwood-packing: 
  • 2 pairs of jeans, 
  • 2 white undershirts, 
  • 2 black t-shirts, 
  • 1 long sleeve cotton snap up
  • a light cotton skirt, 
  • something warm for the cold nights,
  • knickers,
  • Pentax K-1000 and 2 rolls of Ilford HP4 150
  • music, preferably with banjos, 
  • a sleeping bag
  • and 1 hammock*
* maybe the lack of trees in the desert will impede my hammocking potential...damn.

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