Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hammock tester - Part 2

I set out to test two hammocks. and keep one.
The first, the North American Yuppie - seemed almost ideal: light, easy to set up on my own, comfortable - but the one, yet deal-breaking downside - not really ideal for two independent readers.

The second, the Brazilian, was going to trump that, with it's wide style, and nice woven canvas - it was going to be perfect for two. it was going to be the perfect hammock.

  • the metal reinforced ring
  • The excellent workmanship - handwoven for sure and well done.
  • I'm sure it is good for two.... I just haven't actually been able to try it*
  • It's as big as a folded towel - manageable size
  • the tacky couple on the front of the package
  • *because a bigger hammock, meant a bigger space - of which I did not have, and it bagged and sagged on the ground.
  • the long strings that were to help with width, easily tangled and frustrated me alone. two sets of hands were really needed to handle it practically
  • reinforced loop, was great - but how do I attach it to my loop on my tree? I had to dismantle my yuppie hammock for the metal hook it came with and attach it.
  • It was just too much work for me. alone.
and maybe that's why it's a hammock made for two. because you need to put it up together.

I was discouraged.

Which one do I ditch? The one ideal for just me, or the one "possibly" ideal for just two?

"Can't you just keep both" my supportive trouble-shooting friends would ask, to my rebuttal:
"I have lived 28 years without a hammock, I don't need two"

And so I have been stressing over the decision of which hammock to return.

Tonight, as I swung ever so happily curled up in my duvet in the blue yuppie ideal-for-1 hammock, tonight I had an epiphany.

I can keep both. In fact I must. Because being comfortable on my own and being comfortable with someone else, will always be part of my reality.
One hammock, does not fit all.
And right now, I am really loving my I-can-do-it-on-my-own, blue yuppie ideal-for-1 hammock. and I will lovingly put my other hammock in the closet, until I have someone there to help me put it up.

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NorthernLight said...

Good decision!! It's funny, but recently I finally bought my lifelong desire of a stunt kite... and within two days I was back online ordering another... I realized that flying it is tonnes of fun, but having others around me who enjoy it and can come out to play at the same time is really making it that much more fun! I mean, doing a stunt without someone to say wow, just doesn't have the same thrill!

So, I went back to e-bay to pick up two more cheapies to get other ppl and some of my students to fall in love with the sport, and then I found a new one for me- a step up from the beginner category... and although, like you I felt guilty for spending so much money suddenly on kites, I felt like- "wow, G. you have been working hard and you deserve to have as many kites as you want!"


Miss Vicky said...

that, my dear, is why we have storage!

stares at the sky said...

YES! to having as many kites as you want!!! I want that on a T-shirt.

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